How to Improve Your Life by James L. Atwell

This book will change your life forever.

This book will teach you how to improve your life. You will learn self-therapy techniques to help you become your own psychotherapist. This book is written for the millions of people that want to improve their lives and cannot afford to pay the high cost of psychotherapy. Understanding the self-therapy techniques in this book is all that most people need to improve the quality of their lives. Genetics is the cause of most problems, psychological and medical. Most problems are caused by deletions, mutations and duplication of genes. The most serious problems, such as schizophrenia, autism, bipolar disorder, depression, and most of the rare medical problems are caused by deletions of genes from the genome. Therefore, the solution to solving most problems is to replace the missing genes. I have researched dreams, dreaming, sleep, self-therapy, psychotherapy, psychology and genetics for over thirty years. I have trained with many famous psychologists and psychiatrists, including Albert Freeman, Ph.D., Nathaniel Brandon, Ph.D., Albert Ellis, Ph.D., Will Shultz, Ph.D., Bernie Gunther, Ph.D., and Eric Marcus, M.D. This book is a condensed and simplified version of everything I have learned. I am excited by the possibility of promoting this book with personal appearances, lectures, interviews and book signings. I am now writing a book on Genetics and Behavior, which will explain how to correct most genetic problems by replacing the missing genes.
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On faculty at Platt College, Los Angeles, President of Genetic Research LLC and author of: How to Improve Your Life: Dreams, Self-Therapy & Genetics.

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