5117-mC4CzL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_Is it really so difficult to make $1000 online? Of course it isn’t. What’s more, with the right plan, you can make this amount consistently every month or increase it with only a little more effort.

By using a simple website and a free or a low cost traffic plan you can build up a regular business that people will want to join (because you are solving their problems) and at minimal expense to themselves.

You don’t have to fight to make big ticket sales. Just take a little, but off a lot of people and regularly.

Step-by-step instructions are provided set out so that anyone with a little experience can start easily, and if you don’t have that little experience, than I have included a bonus section to bring you up to speed. In addition to which there is email support directly from me, the author. There’s even a working site set up which is used as a case study, so it’s all there for you.

The great thing is about using this system is that it cannot get saturated, no matter which market you’re in. There are always people to talk to and those who need to know. All you’re doing is giving them a place to get all the information they need and in a way they’ll gladly come to you for – whether you’re a well known expert now, or not.

What more do you need? Just the ability to follow instructions and the will to carry them out, plus a few units of your local currency to get a domain name and hosting. Don’t just sit there reading about it. Grab this book and go do it.

Written by a well known internet marketer with a ton of free information already out there. Clear, jargon free writing with everything explained to just the right level of detail – enough to get the message across without drowning you in over-information.

If you know which end of a mouse to press to get results then you can do this and even if you do get stuck, my email address is there to give you the help you need.

Testimonials from my pre-release readers:

Steven has put together a fine tutorial on setting up an online business. He doesn’t fill your head with a bunch of pie in the sky promises…no yachts…no mansions…no Ferrari in the driveway… (Darn! I really wanted that Ferrari! LOL) Instead he gives you a synopsis on what you need to do to build a successful business online. He knows that most people wanting ‘the internet lifestyle’ have already purchased several programs, books, business in a box, etc. so he doesn’t insult you with rehashing the same old stuff again, and he doesn’t take a true hand holding manner. He gives you the steps in a concise, orderly manner and tells you straight out that you have to take action.
Bernard Moye

With all the books and products out there promising to make you money, I’m
always a bit wary. I must admit I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of writing
and information included in “Your First $1000 System”.

I like the fact that you give lots of links to tools and additional information. I also
like the guidelines and comments you add as helpful hints. I like the fact that you are
teaching someone how to run a business and as such, you do not hand over everything
on a silver platter but tell people where to go to get answers. Now that is real life–teaching someone how to get the help they need!
Barbara Dowling

Steven has put together a well thought out, easy to follow step by step action plan which cuts through all of the fluff and gets you to the nitty gritty. So many expensive courses say the same thing in far more words. If you are looking to make money online and are prepared to put in a bit of hard work to make it happen then this course should be right up your street.
Lloyd Hester

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“Worth ten times the cost. Highly recommend you read this!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By kev

An excellent guide to creating income online. What is more important, this book teaches you how to create recurring income, set it up once then benefit over and over again. If you are new to internet marketing, then you may find some of the terminology unfamiliar. No problem, Steven has very cleverly included a simple step by step guide at the end of the book to cover this. I highly recommend this book for both newbies, and experienced marketers. There is something for everyone to learn from in here!

About the Author

Hi. As someone who has jumped on the ‘instant author’ wagon I guess it is a good idea to tell you the who and why of myself and my books. First of all I am a UK based specialist electronics technician although I’ve been through a fair few jobs in my 50+ years on this Earth.
I’ve done a fair bit with computers, professionally and domestically, and include running a small business and sales amongst my skillset. I’m also the webmaster for several sites mostly of my own design and authorship.
My hobbies include reading, guitar, bass and drums, hypnosis and related mind studies. I also assist my wife with her hobby of photography which I also enjoy.
My books reflect some of these interests and help my creative outlet. I’m not really into sports either as a participant or observer although I could be persuaded to try golf again if I ever get the time and an assurance that one day I could crack 120!
Need to know more or want some advice on publishing yourself? Feel free to contact me.

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