How to Write a Simple Book Review by Allyson R. Abbott

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Book Description:

Have you ever wondered how to write a review? Where to begin or how long it needs to be? Has it ever occurred to you that even negative reviews may be helpful to authors?
Are there different types of reviews? Where can you get tips for reviewing a book?
Do you wish writing a review was easy? With this book it is. Sharing your opinion with people who want to hear it is fun. Your reviews help fellow readers find out if a book is worth their time and money. Authors appreciate the recognition of a review, no matter how long, and the insight of a review can show them where they need to improve.
‘Writing a Simple Book Review; it’s easier than you think!’, holds these answers and more. You can start writing book reviews today.
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Great Book to Learn about Writing Reviews.”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Diana’s Book Reviews

This book is exactly what I needed. I have been doing book reviews for a few years but I felt my reviews are not that great. I love to read books and share about the book. Well this book How To Write a Simple Book Review by Allyson R. Abbott really is great. I have gotten some great ideas to help me when reviewing books. I pretty much like to stick to simple reviews. I don’t like to repeat what is already in the blurb about the book. I also don’t like to read long reviews, I prefer to read short reviews. The author does a great job in telling us how the system works.
If you are new to writing reviews I highly recommend this book, it is sweet and simple to read.

About the Author

#1 Best-selling British Author (fiction and non-fiction) A Blooming Boomer who loves life on the road, making new friends and meeting great people. Life in the slow lane!

After a few full-on years of travelling, which included a year and a half checking out New Zealand, a few Pacific islands, Australia and South Africa, 15months driving around the USA in a motorhome, some quick few weeks visit to Canada, Mexico, Cuba and Spain, we have now decided to pull over onto the hard shoulder for a year and have settled on the Valencian Province in Spain. Life is rich, but the pocket is empty and I need time to focus on my writing for a while. It is very easy to get distracted when you see so many beautiful places.
One of the most common questions I get asked is, which country or place did you like the most? A very difficult question to answer as each country or state for that matter, has something to offer. I loved New Zealand for its beauty and the friendliness of its people, South Africa for its richness of colour and history, and in the USA Montana and Arizona for their scenery, Florida for its beaches, Louisiana for its diversity, but I could go on for ever.

My writing career started half way around the USA, when I realised for the first time in my life I had time on my hand to write a book. I hope to use some of my experiences within my books; you will find a bit of Fiji in Goodbye, Hello and I am now planning a book three in the Abby and Ed Series to send them on adventures to visit the same places.

Apart from my non-fiction book; How to Write a Simple Book Review, all my other books are about women over the age of forty. I can’t help but add humour, because we laugh in life and I try to make my books about people who we can all relate to. I do hope you enjoy them.
I expect that after a few months in Spain I will start to get itchy feet. There are still so many countries I want to visit, before my husband and I get too old to enjoy them. So you never know I may bump into you in Thailand, Sri Lanka, Italy or even the USA as there is still so much to see there.

Enjoying life while I can, best regards Allyson.

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