***1st PLACE WINNER in Counseling/Recovery Category for 2014 Christian Writers Award with Xulon Press!! ***Mike Palombi’s biggest regret in life is that there are people who are worse off for knowing him. The girlfriend who wound up at gunpoint by the Essex County Organized Crime Strike Force because of him is at the top of that particular list. But back in his twenties, being a tough guy was pretty much all he knew about being a man. How’s It Feel, Tough Guy?: From Prisoner of Pride to Prisoner of Hope is Mike’s story of sin and redemption. In his memoir, Mike shows how he found heaven in hell, taking Jesus Christ as his Savior while in prison, and then being drawn away subtly by the cares of the world. At a Christmas Eve church service — under the influence — Mike received Christ back into his heart for good. His relationship with God inspired him to address a lifetime of injury and transform how he viewed himself as a man. Meanwhile, he has given back by working with at-risk teenagers in schools and through the Lifer’s program at East Jersey State Prison. Finally, he learned what it really means to be a good husband, a good father, and a good man. NOW, there are people who are truly better off for knowing him.
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Five Star Review on Amazon By Barbara Toplyn

I am not a advert reader, but when I starting reading this book it was hard to put down.I think every teenager should read this book as it may open some of their eyes to how cruel this world is but there is always hope for anyone to turn around and accept God.

About the Author

For years, people who heard my story of redemption and restoration–earned through decades of getting smacked upside my head, both literally and figuratively–told me that they wanted to see my story in print. But all I’d ever done about writing a book is stand in defense against why I couldn’t write one. To me, writing a book was just another opportunity to fail. And I’d failed enough in my life, thank you very much.

What was keeping me from giving my testimony in a book? Let’s just say that the greatest enemy of accomplishment is the fear of failure. But I finally set aside that fear, took a leap of faith, and put my story on paper.

The task of writing this memoir required me to live in what I call, “The Uncomfortable Zone,” the place where transparency and vulnerability prevail–the place where being a tough guy doesn’t cut it. I had to take a hard look into the dark corners of my life that was so thorough and so deep, it hurt–bad–and then it healed and restored my life.

In the end, that leap of faith made me an author, so that now I can share my story with people all around the world.

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