Hunting in the Dark by William E Burleson

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Book Description:

Hunting in the Dark is a coming of age story exploring the paths we take. Set over the late seventies and early eighties, a group of city boys like to go to a cabin in the woods to get away from the day to day of school and parents, while their local friend isn’t so lucky. For him, this isn’t a holiday, it is the only life he knows. Even in the woods these boys can’t deny class and privilege, both of which eventually define their fate.
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A compassionate story of the life that ends not so well”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Paul Klinger

Why do lives diverge? In this novella we have a bunch of young men who hang out together up in the north woods of Minnesota drinking beer and shooting the bull. By the end, one of these characters – Jesse – has gone far afield from the life the others lead. The story doesn’t tell us why; instead we watch the unfolding divergence through the eyes of the protagonist. In real life it’s easy to judge someone like Jesse but in this story I felt – at the end – only compassion for him. The story is told in a similar way to how Fitzgerald told the Great Gatsby. In that novel Nick Carraway is the narrator who gives the reader the observation of Jay Gatsby. In Hunting in the Dark, Paul is our eyes on Jesse. We see the tragedy of Jesse and also the growth of Paul. This novella is well worth the $3 you pay for the kindle version.

About the Author

William E Burleson’s short stories have appeared in numerous literary journals and anthologies to date, most recently in The New Guard and American Fiction 14. Burleson has two novels in development: Ahnwee Days, the story of a small town that has seen better days and the mayor who tries to save it, and The Avenue, a story set in a skid row district in 1979. Previous to writing fiction, he had published extensively in non-fiction, most notably his book, Bi America (Haworth Press, 2005). For examples of past work and more information, visit

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