Huracán is a suspenseful historical fiction of the infamous 1733 treasure fleet sunk off the Florida Keys during a major hurricane. Twenty-two galleons were either beached or sank with untold fortune in precious jewels, gems, gold and silver coins, and many souls. Huracán provides insight into life aboard a 1733 treasure galleon, along with her crew and passengers. This suspenseful novel incorporates many little-known facts in nautical history of the period along with a cast of lovable characters who will become your friends.

Follow the exciting journey of Captain Antonio Larzaro as he commands the San Pedro and its crew. Antonio befriends a young alchemist, Cero, a valuable addition to the crew. Meet the lovable Padre, a priest banished by the Cardinal of Seville, and Hermando and Bernardo, the Vatican guards who escort the Padre to Cartagena, South America. Seville, the ship’s cook, has a deep secret to hide from the captain and crew. Antonio is sacrificing everything for the glory of Spain. Antonio’s adventure spans three continents and innumerable islands, the dark secrets of Cuba, and the mysteries of the Maya. Hidden deep within the lush jungles, he discovers the biggest treasure of all, worth more than all the gold acquired by Spain. Antonio’s adventure is filled with nature’s fury while he contends with a mysterious assassin aboard his ship.
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“Good reading”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Julie Roberts

Good reading, great history, and makes me want to search for buried treasures when the weather is good along the keys.

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