51AjScm58LL._SX324_BO1,204,203,200_Hurricane Love exemplifies the tightrope between independence and dependence discovered here in hurricanes. One helps his wife commit suicide because she needs help. He ends up on trial for murder. A young woman allows herself to be dominated by a cruel husband for 14 years before she escapes. Another woman attempts suicide. Her husband has her stomach pumped, keeping her alive against her will.

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“Cole writes of hard life and death decisions and their aftermath”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Bill Flynn

Evelyn Cole tells of a man who is badgered by his suffering wife to assist in the killing of her. He does so and the story winds expertly through his trial for first degree murder by a fellow judge and jury. Cole’s protagonist, the death assisting judge, falls in love, perhaps for the first time, with a court reporter…a woman who has suffered through a abusive marriage and left it. Her love for the judge is not consumated until she has a brief fling with her girl friend and the handsome, but devious Ricardo. She backs away from this tempest of torrid three-way sex. She then finds herself in the kind and caring arms of the judge. But the trial goes on…the jury is out for over two weeks…her girlfriend, the one who has previously thrown her sexuality to whatever falls into true love with the lawyer of the judge on trial. Will her medical problem, a result of her promiscuous past, rear its ugly head to put a damper on that love interest? Will the judge go to jail or will he carry out his plan to take his new and true love to Nassau for a reunion with friends on a Carribean beach?

Evelyn Cole is a very skilled story teller. She brings the reader into the courtroom as well as the bedroom using that skill sprinkled with reality and sensitivity. In HURRICANE LOVE Cole has broached the controversial subject of mercy killing and the leprous stigma planted on a person suffering with AIDS. It’s recommended as a book for all seasons and reasons. One that strays joyfuly away from the mudane mainstream of love stories.

About the Author

Evelyn Cole, MA, MFA, of San Luis Obispo County, CA, is a failed sea kayaker, a successful cook, failed saleslady, successful professor, failed webmaster, successful ping ponger, failed golfer, successful wife/lover, and mother who wears her poetic license on her car, her head in the sand, and her heart in her pen. Because she believes in honest critiques, she is a member Nightwriters in San Luis Obispo, CA and has attended several writing conferences including two full summer conferences at Bennington College, Vermont. She has published one textbook, one poetry book, and three novels. Available at Amazon.com Each one of her novels has an independent theme, but all her main characters eventually face their built-in weaknesses.

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