I am John Paul by Cris Pasqueralle

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Book Description

The Heart Is the True Home of A Warrior
14 year-old John Paul embarks upon a perilous journey to become a Maasai Warrior. Armed only with a spear and shield, he must hunt and kill the lion that has been threatening his people’s survival in order to prove himself worthy and capable of becoming a responsible member of his tribe. But he will not be alone. Father Yates – an American priest who has become a father figure to young John Paul – accompanies him on this dangerous undertaking.
Before the sun rises, this unlikely pair of warriors connect on a deeper level, with Father Yates providing a deeper understanding of the bible to John Paul, while learning a thing or two of faith and spirituality from his young mentee. As their bond grows, Yates wonders if the boy is destined to be a Maasai Warrior or a Holy Man.
As their quest comes to an end, it soon becomes clear that killing the lion would only be the first step in John Paul reaching his full potential of greatness, so Father Yates invites him to America with the hope that he will make an even greater discovery about himself. Although the invitations is quite appealing to John Paul, he just doesn’t know if he has the heart to leave his village and must now make the most difficult decision of his life; stay at home and protect his people or listen to his true calling…
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“Highly Recommended Read to Any and All”

Five Star Review on Amazon by James Q. Meservy

I thoroughly enjoyed this coming of age story from fellow CMP author Cris Pasqueralle.
Set in the Maasi culture in Africa, John Paul is faced with going through the Maasi warrior initiation alone, but he does not allow that stop him from following his heart.
John Paul is a remarkable young man whose understanding of cultural differences, and religious teachings far surpasses my own understanding at that age.
I highly recommend this read to any and all.

About the Author

I am a retired NYC police officer who has always loved reading. Sharing in the Harry Potter adventures with my two daughters lead me to an interest in middle grade/young adult fantasy fiction and my writing of Destiny Revealed, book one in the destiny trilogy. I currently live in Levittown long island with my wife and two children and look forward to sharing the adventures of Jack and Maddie Austin with all of you.

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