What kind of darkness ensues the human consciousness without delving within our psyches too deeply? Is it lust, avarice, covetousness, narcissism, or a thirst we cannot quench? Why do we thirst, even for the unexpected, and sometimes misunderstand ourselves? Or those who are different than ourselves? Can we always make the right decisions regarding our personal affluence with others? Why do we live with psychic wounds? Why is there violence in our world? Why do we, or others hurt us, and why must we continue this perpetual cycle of lashing out to others? What does it mean to live life via a superficial mindset, and should we excavate the esoteric mysteries beneath the surface, thus discovering the hidden things? Will this process change us for the better? These are questions Evans has been searching for nearing forty years. Walk with John G Evans through his book I AM: The Tiny Mustard Seed, a kind of personal, reflective, poetic journal, and autobiography as he attempts to discover what makes John who he is. Embracing this excavation of mysterious psychic wounds, Evans writes his poetic autobiography on his own terms. After having his identity stripped from him at an early age, and during his stint in the military, John explores these esoteric memories that remain inside. As he delves into his depths he discovers many hidden secrets known by some, and unknown by others. He discovers dimensional realities that conquer his fears, and helps him become a new man of depth, substance, and generosity to others. And, this 208 – page testimony of pain, mystery, and joy becomes a remarkable journey of self – discovery born of a damaged perspective, even now, attempts to reclaim his youth. Join John G Evans in his quest of discovering himself, and the beautiful world that surrounds us all.
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“I highly recommend this book for poetry lovers as well as anyone …”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Judith C. Evans

In his second volume of poems, John G Evans continues his eloquent narration of a healing journey. Once again, he captures the timeless and universal struggle — and eventual triumph — wounds and traumas from life and military service. In “I Am,” Evans states, “I am the spoken art, and ancient sands bequeathed of time as solitary poets labor the written rhymes.” In the same poem, he asks, “I am the dreamer, but when shall the music begin?” The reader need look no further than the pages of this book to find music in the lyrical poems.

In the prose poem “Dark Houses,” Evans writes, “All the while, and stone upon stone, I rebuild this broken home of shattered glass.” Readers may recognize their own brokenness and potential for healing, in their physical and spiritual homes. I highly recommend this book for poetry lovers as well as anyone who is looking for insight into healing from trauma.

I received a copy of this book free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All opinions in this review are my own.

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