I AM: Words of Encouragement & Inspiration Alphabet Coloring Book by Renee J. Bey

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Book Description:

I AM: Words of Encouragement & Inspiration Alphabet Coloring Book is a children coloring & activity book for ages 4-7. It provides encouraging, uplifting, and inspiring words from A – Z, as well as a character or characters with captions to bring the meaning of the word to life and in a way that is relatable. It also includes a glossary to define each word used. Bonus page: There is an alphabet photographic & traceable letter activity page that can also be colored at the end of the book. Happy Coloring!
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“A Color of Knowledge!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Axel Pax

I AM is the most beneficial coloring book for our youth and lovers of knowledge alike. I AM allows children to create with their imagination through colors and individual design, while at the same time learning important advanced vocabulary in a simple way. I AM encourages self love and love for others through encouraging words and pictures.

About the Author

I am Renee J. Bey. I am married and have two beautiful daughters. In my spare time I enjoy writing and inspiring others and being an author allows me to experience the best of both worlds.

I have earned a Master of Science in Management Degree as well a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Degree with a specialization in Finance.

​​Please visit https://www.unspokenknowledge.com/ for more information.

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