Faceless Creations Literature For Kids Presents: I Can Tie My Shoes!

Noah is excited and eager to start his first year of kindergarten. However, he does not know how to tie his shoes and is afraid that he will be teased by the other kids for not knowing. Find out what happens to Noah at school and find out if he even learn how to tie!

“Great Children’s Book”

Five Star Review on Amazon By danielle lynn

Me and my son love this!!!

About the Author

Umm Jannah grew up in Pennsylvania, where her parents always surround her with books. As a youth, she enjoyed collecting children’s book series. She shared the love of books with other children by reading to them and reenacting the stories. After getting married and having children of her own, she always read to them. Her children loved it when she would make up her own stories which inspired her to get them published. She currently resides in that Washington DC metropolitan area with her family, where she continues to embark upon a journey of creating children’s literature.

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