41d2xJfN59L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_“It was the best of church, it was the worst of church…” [not Charles Dickens]

In some ways, the church has a horrendous track record and is deserving of much of the hate, accusation and mistrust it has received. But, in many other ways, the church has also been monumental in affecting great systemic change, being first on the scene in crisis and on the forefront of reaching out to and loving well those considered the least of these.

To those of you who believe church is the worst thing ever: You’re right!

To those of you who believe church is the best thing ever: You’re right!

The church was God’s idea and it is the plan He has chosen to bring transformation to a world desperately in need of a deeper experience of His love. He doesn’t appear to have a plan B. We are it!

i call this book, ‘i, church’ because more than a building or a meeting or a list of do’s and don’ts, the church is about the people. It is about me. And it is about you. If you love Jesus and have chosen to follow Him, then you are the church. Let’s figure out together how to be the best church we can be.

“Brett Anderson weaves a picture of the church that is stark and real.  He sees through church politics and denominational blinkers and defines the core of what the church is and isn’t and what God desires it to be.” [Bruce Collins, legend and appreciator of good coffee]

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Five Star Review on Amazon By John Fee

My Bible College principal once said: “You can prove anything from the Bible if you don’t quote enough of it.” NOT GUILTY! Not only is THE CHURCH Brett’s passion; but a sound basis on PLENTY OF BIBLE is also. Brett takes obedience to the WHOLE Bible seriously. He challenges the WHOLE Church to take the WHOLE gospel to the WHOLE world and asks the obvious question: “Does that mean I have to go to China? Well, no; unless it does”!

Church is who you are, not what you do in a particular place on a Sunday. To reach outsiders you have to go to them, not just say “Come to us”. It follows that essential ingredients include love, understanding and investment of time in those you hope to see included in church. Quote: “The biggest cause of atheism in the world today is christians (small ‘c’) who proclaim Jesus with their lips then walk out of the door and deny Him by their lifestyles” (Billy Graham – evangelist).

Church is participator church, not spectator church. Engage brain. Be fruitful. Be mutually accountable. Know the Bible and live accordingly. Reach out to your community. As John Wimber said: “Everyone gets to play.”

Challenge. Humour. Thinking outside the box. I liked it. If you are for the church, then “i church” is for you.

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