Teresa Masters is an ordinary mother who was faced with every mother’s worst nightmare, not once, but twice. By placing her trust in God, she learned how to take one day at a time and reach peace of mind and is closer with God than she ever thought possible.In her life’s story she shares how her agonizing cries to God for help and her complete dependence on Him gave her the courage she needed to do what was necessary to provide a safe and peaceful environment for her children. Then tragedy blindsided her twice, leaving her heart shattered for life and learning to live without her children.Instead of giving in to despair, Teresa turned to songwriting and singing – achieving nationwide acclaim – and channeled her grief into a mission to help others find God in their darkest hour. She created a support group for mothers who, like herself, had lost children. Together they found a safe haven with each other and a bond that continues today.Teresa’s burning desire is for God to use her story and the lessons she’s learned to help others until the day He calls her home. In this book, she shares the steps she took to help her emerge from the depths of her grief to a life of peace and hope.
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Amazing story and life!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By R. Cansler

Teresa has had a life worth telling others about and a strength truly tested. What an amazing individual. This book is well worth reading. You have lived through so much tragedy and kept such a strong faith in God. A truly beautiful read. Must read!

About the Author

Teresa Masters lives in Northeast Tennessee with her husband, three canine children, and one sassy cat. She and her husband Larry are active members of their church where Teresa enjoys serving God through the music ministry. She is a singer/songwriter with a passion for gospel music. One of her songs, “I Got Mercy,” was released in 2014 and has been played across the nation on Southern Gospel Radio.

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