I Pink I Can! A light-hearted story for every breast cancer patients.

The last thing Mindy expected to hear as she sat in the doctor’s office was that she had cancer.

“I Pink I Can! Made me laugh, cry, and taught me what it was really like for someone to go through breast cancer treatment.”

The last thing Mindy expected to hear as she sat in the doctor’s office was that she had cancer.

No one in her family had cancer. In fact, Mindy realized of all the things she thought her results might say, she would have guessed fibroadenoma before cancer! Even though she had always been sheltered by her overly adoring parents, Mindy still knew that you made lemonade when life handed you lemons. She just wasn’t sure what you should do when life gave you breast cancer. From that day forward, Mindy swore she would try her best to find the brighter side of things because if she didn’t stay positive, she knew she might just break down and cry.

However, it seemed to Mindy that life was being obnoxiously generous when it came to the absurd amount of lemons she was being thrown. While trying to hold onto hope and enjoying normal life in between her chemo sessions, Mindy also learns a family secret that shakes her to her core. Struggling to come to grips with her new normal, smiling through her tears, and bursting at the seams with the little joys she finds along the way, Mindy begins a journey of transformation, healing, love, and acceptance.

I Pink I Can! is Mindy’s story of perseverance as she makes the best of her battle with cancer. Sprinkled with humor – from a flying wig to a free Brazilian waxing, filled with realistic characters, and touching moments of triumph and heartbreak, I Pink I Can! is quickly stealing all of its readers’ hearts as they learn the startling reality of how breast cancer changes families.¬†Book1 of Pink series. The story of Mindy’s second leg of her breast cancer journey will come out Spring 2021.