I Thought There Was a Road There

by – (Author)

and other Lessons in Life from God 

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Book Description:


The writings in this book are true non-fiction experiences occurring at various times and occasions with family or friends. Each can easily be viewed as a lesson in life from God who continues to be present for us whether we realize it or not. He walks beside us in our life’s journey and knows us well. For this we surely need to indeed be thankful and humble.

Author’s Description: 

Writing has been my hobby since I wrote my first poem at age 8 when my love of writing began. In my career as a professional nurse (RN, BSN), I wrote articles for Nursing Journals. My hobby of interest throughout my whole life has also been writing non-fiction prose and poetry which will have a meaning to those around me. Also my faith has been my constant companion wherever my path leads me.