Image of Deceit

Broken…Shattered… Destroyed
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Book Description:

You can never move forward, when you’re constantly looking back..

Broken…Shattered… Destroyed

I had the man of my dreams until I lost him.
Now I am determined to move on alone.
Until I met him….Sexy, Strong, Mysterious and a little dangerous
We saved each other in more ways than one.
As heart-wrenching as it is I have to walk away.
Sometimes when something seems too good to be true… It usually is


Image of Deceit This suspensful, action-packed mafia romance is intended for mature audiences, due to violence, strong language, dark themes and intimate scenes. The romance between a mafia princess and a vengeful man on the hunt for one one of her families victims. This contains the following tropes: enemies to lovers, second chance at romance, billionaire and forbidden love.

Rumer Raines (Author)
Rumer Raines is an ordinary girl who prefers the not so traditional love story. She spends her days in Corporate America and her nights dreaming of Dark, Tortured Heroes and inconceivable Suspense.
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