Toby, was only a child when his father was murdered, not a day goes by where the image isn’t burned into his head.
Toby, continuously has vivid dark dreams, he learns most of his dreams aren’t dreams at all, but visions of people being viciously slaughtered. Toby, has no choice but to try and find the person behind these
murderous dreams, and stop them from committing any more heinous murders; even if he finds out, he’s the killer himself.
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“double exposure”

Five Star Review on Amazon By P.S. Winn

I really enjoyed this book. It is quite the mystery. Meet Toby Ryan who’s father died when he was 12. He lives with his mom ten years later because she still has a lot of problems getting over the shock of her husband’s death and a few other things that would be a spoiler to mention. In the town where Toby lives there are a series of murders and for some strange reason it seems all of them may be somehow connected to Toby. This book is a great read and will have the reader interested until the fascinating conclusion. Highly recommended. great job!

About the Author

Eugene Knight, Born in Indiana, 1979 Wrote, In Between Dreams, and Burning Through Their Eyes. Works as a Carmen in IL, Welder, Remdoler. Enjoy writing novels and short stories about dark supernatural and suspense, with a little bit of crime.

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