In Disgrace with Fortune

by – Ian C. Dawkins Moore (Author)


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Book Description:

A coming-of-age travel adventure of an Anglo-Caribbean
man who flees Britain, to West Africa, in the early 1980s,
in search of his African identity and discovers the meaning
of life and love through his experiences & encounters

About the Author: Ian C. Dawkins Moore

Ian C. Dawkins Moore has survived a British boarding school,

the jock world of football hooliganism, hitch-hiking across

the Sahara Desert, Islamic redemption in West Africa, the

two-tone culture of American racism and the Corporate

Creoles of the Bay Area – and he can still see the funny side

of life – enjoy!

His writings have been published in, Obra/artifact,

The Parliamentarian, UK, Obra/Artifact, The Hungry Chimera,

Career Visions for a Small Planet, Our Echo


– Return to My Native Land – travels in West Africa

– The Arrival-America: Culture Shock – essays on culture

– Great Black Innovators & the Problem Solving Process

– Afro-Muse: The Evolution of African-American Music

– The Rituals for Success – a self-help book

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