Ram Vilas was a small time contractor living in the outskirts of Patna city in a small house with his wife Reshma who is not keeping in good health and two children – a son pratapraj aged 10 years and a daughter Sneha aged about 6 years. His wife was suffering from pneumonia and required urgent medical attention. Ram Vilas trying to live within the means was not able to provide the medicines’ required but was showing to a government hospital. The medicines given by them were not very effective.
Ram goes to the city to recover his dues from a bigger contractor Rajabhai who is also a politician and has a lot of thugs supporting him. Though Ram tries to keep his cool and explains to Rajabhai about his predicament, money is not forthcoming. Anger makes Ram to utter some bad words against Rajabhai, who immediately asks his assistants to send Ram out. The adamant Ram is not leaving and more abusive words are exchanged. This leads to both vowing for the others blood. Ram goes back empty handed.
The abusive words used by Ram have angered Rajabhai who wants revenge. In a few days, he assembles a few of his thugs and goes to the house of Ram. Ram is dragged out of his house. Rajabhai asks his son Vikram who is accompanying him to hold the gun along with him and fire at Ram. Three shots are fired making Ram to fall down bleeding and die. Pratapraj, who is held by one of the thugs, is shouting but nobody to heed and sees Vikram shooting on his father. As the others go back after the killing, he runs to his father and tries to wake him up, but of no avail.
Pratapraj runs to the doctor shop to bring the doctor as also to complain to the police. There is no positive response from them. Trying to come back home he looses his direction and gets lost. Hunger makes him steal food but is caught and beaten. The days move on with him running here and there, stealing, being caught and beaten. It is almost fifteen days before he returns back to his house.
Reshma’s health is deteriorating. Pratapraj’s absence augments her problems. Though the neighbors help her out of sympathy, proper treatment is not given for her health problem. One day the house catches fire and is burnt down with Reshma dying out of suffocation. Sneha runs out crying for help and is saved by a neighbor who gives her shelter. Rambhai’s sister Vandana who lives in Mumbai with her husband Ravikant has heard about the killing of Ram Vilas and comes to Patna to render some help to the family. But there is nobody except the burnt house and Sneha living in the neighbor’s house. Ravikant manages to settle the house issues with his Mumbai experience. Vandana who is childless, convinces her husband Ravikant to take the six years old Sneha to Mumbai and keep her with them.
Rajabhai has too many enemies. One of the persons Rana with whom he had fought earlier corner him at his house in the night and is gunned down. His house is looted and burnt down killing his wife and the children also. Son Vikram who escapes the attacks is rendered homeless. The owner of an orphanage who knows their family takes pity on him and brings him up in the orphanage.
Rana is a local goonda involved in a number of illegal activities like illicit liquor, gambling, prostitution and so on. He survives as he is supported by the local MLA. Rana spots Pratapraj and takes him to his fold. He is fed well and is made to do errands which he does not understand. Pratapraj keeps getting convulsions in his sleep about the killing of his father and the face of Vikram shooting his father. He has taken a vow of revenge. Rana gets Pratapraj used to alcoholic drinks to make him forget his past. Pratapraj grows up to be a strong man beating and fighting with every body as told by Rana.
Vikram is an intelligent boy. He studies hard and is always in the top of his class. The orphanage owner supports him in his studies and makes him a graduate. He gets a job in Mumbai. In Mumbai he passes
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