seaAfter a relationship breakdown…One man journeys on his Quest In Search of the Warrior With-in due to co-dependency. Because the only problem with co-dependency is? You just lost control of half of you. He will do Battle with the human EGO against 36 years of disciplined Martial Arts training and philosophical learning as his journey takes him to Thailand, Japan, Cambodia, Indonesia, Singapore the Philippines and finally into the War torn Karen State of Burma (Myanmar) with the K.N.L.A. Karen National Liberation Army. This War is the world’s longest Civil War…61 years so far and also the world’s most undocumented War…Learn of the silent line of communication between left dominate brain and the passive right. From the duality of souls to the duality of solar and lunar currents he searches for the Way of following the least resistant path. Rod Power is a 10th Dan teacher of the fighting arts…6 times Australian OPEN Martial Arts Champion and 2 times Australasian OPEN Martial Arts Champion.

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”  With craziness as a context life finally makes sense…”

I REALLY liked this book. And the reason is simple: it’s crazy real life. It’s a saga, a journey into craziness, a frankenstein monster on steroids. Then, when you think it can’t get any more bizarre, you get the wisdom of the lesson, and it is like a mackerel on LSD smacking you right in the eyeball. Here’s the thing, all those books with the knuckleheaded newbie receiving lessons from the old master, they are like the Kung Fu TV series, all carefully scripted and polite. This book offers the craziness of real life as the context, and so the lessons become super brilliant, make real sense, and you finally start to understand what ancient wisdom really means. And this happens page after page, all through the book. The funny thing is that even the few typos enhance everything; it feels like Rod is talking to you, that you are right there with him. How often do you get a fun and great read that reaches right into your psyche and changes you? How often do you get somebody who really knows how to live life to actually talk to you?

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About the Author

Rod Power 10th dan/degree C.K.B. Mixed Fighting Arts Est. 1977.

6 times Australian OPEN Martial Arts and 2 times Australasian OPEN Martial Arts Champion

* 1981 Rod won his first AUSTRALIAN    Title in a Breaking event.
* 1982 Australian OPEN IRON MAN Champion.
* 1982 Australian OPEN Demonstration Champion.
* 1993 M.A.M. National OPEN Breaking Champion.
* 1993 M.A.M. National OPEN Weapons Champion.
* 1994 National All styles Australian OPEN Demonstration Champion.
* 1996 I.S.K.A. International Sport Karate Association OPEN Australasian Champion Board Breaking.
* 1996 I.S.K.A. International Sport Karate Association OPEN Australasian Champion Demonstration.

* 1998 I.S.K.A. World Cup Medal.

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