In Six Hours

The story is a roller coast ride with peaks of tension and troughs of inquisitive quests for ‘The Truth’ in Bible.
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Book Description:

An apocalyptic thriller (book #1 of the Six Hours apocalyptic thriller series)


A friendship forged in war leads four young men on separate journeys to their final destiny – in a Middle East heading for meltdown


As bitter enemies race towards nuclear conflict, only a miracle can save Israel from the hostile Islamic forces surrounding her. The USA, Russia and the western world are playing with fire in the Middle East, as Iran rushes towards a nuclear climax. In just six hours the face of the Middle East – and the world – will change forever!


While fighting the Taliban with the ISAF forces in 2012, four young men from very different backgrounds meet in Kabul, Afghanistan:


  • Shaul ‘Solly’ Levine, an Orthodox Jew from New York City;
  • Micky ‘Dev’ Devlin, an Irish Catholic from Boston;
  • Brandon ‘Doubtin” Thomas, a black Pentecostal from North Carolina;
  • Khan Ali ‘Zai’ Yusufzai, a Muslim Pashtun from Afghanistan.


They discover that they have more in common than they first thought and make a pact that one day they’ll meet up again in Jerusalem after the prophesied Six Hour War in the Middle East, taking separate ways to a common destiny.


Meanwhile, they will keep in touch with one another as much as possible and work towards making that meeting a possibility. Will these prophecies come to pass? Will Israel itself survive the coming nuclear holocaust?


This apocalyptic thriller moves from war, to a couple of budding romances in very different locations, to more war and then the ultimate Middle East war. But even in the midst of conflict, new relationships are being formed. Action, friendship, romance … and yet more action.


More action, danger and romance in the sequel: In One Hour … Babylon will fall

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Excellent characters, interesting insight into Israel and speculation about the overwhelming force of the surrounding nations, incredible but not necessarily unbelievable use of technology, and a page turning ending, mark this as an unusual and most unusual suggested solution to the seemingly endemic middle east crisis. Nuclear attacks on Israel, the US and other allies fail to respond, Israel is on it's own, rockets are turned, cities abandoned, and the race is on for territories pledged centuries ago. Another look into the complexities and hatreds that have plagued the middle east for centuries --- well worth the time.

-- Sam B. Wagner

Raymond McCullough (Author)

Raymond McCullough, from Co. Down, near Belfast, Northern Ireland, has been a professional writer for nearly thirty years. Beginning with technical articles and reports for UK magazines, he then began publication of an Irish Christian magazine, ‘Bread’, from 1990-96, with his first book, ‘Ireland – now the good news!’ in 1995 (published in Kindle edition, May 2012); co-edited by his wife, fiction author Gerry McCullough. He has also had articles published in the Irish Times, Dublin, and the Presbyterian Herald, Belfast. In 1993 he hosted a radio show, ‘In tha Name a’ Gawd!’ on 96.7 BCR, in Belfast, which later developed into his current satellite radio show of music, news and faith-based interviews – broadcasting around the world on several satellite networks. From 1996, for seven years, he and Gerry led a cell-based Christian fellowship in the Belfast area – also producing an album of Celtic & Hebrew worship music, ‘Into Jerusalem’ (2005) and a Celtic pop-folk album, ‘Different’ (2008). In 2008, he began ‘Celtic Roots Radio’ – a 30-minute show of Celtic, folk, folk-rock, Breton, Galician, bluegrass, Cajun, Cape Breton, acoustic and singer/songwriter music, now broadcasting on satellite, webcast and iTunes podcast to more than 100 countries around the world – with around 18,000 downloads/month via iTunes – and syndication beginning on FM stations in Ireland and beyond. In April 2009, Raymond also set up a 24/7 ‘Celtic Roots Radio’ web station on the Live365 network (now on, which now has a playlist of over 800 tracks, from more than 400 individual artists and bands. His ‘Kingdom Come Trust’ website ( has hundreds of enthusiastic emails from satellite radio listeners in US, Canada and Caribbean countries. Raymond says, “They love the Irish music and culture – although the interviewees are from many parts of the world.” A second series of this show will soon be in production and will also be broadcast in Ireland. Raymond researched the subjects in his non-fiction bible prophecy book, ‘The Whore and her Mother’ (published 2011), for about forty years off and on, but the events of 9/11 brought a new focus to his research and a real sense of increasing urgency encouraged him to complete the book in just four months! In October 2011 he published the ‘craic’ from his Celtic Roots Radio scripts as, ‘A Wee Taste a’ Craic’, and is working on a TV documentary, filmed mainly in Canada, entitled, ‘Broken Treaties.’ Raymond recently completed production of a series of half hour broadcasts for satellite radio (‘Fresh Bread: Your Kingdom Come’), based on ‘The Whore and her Mother’ (also available on iTunes podcast and in Audiobook format from iTunes, Amazon and Audible). He then decided to turn the events described in ‘The Whore and her Mother’ into an apocalyptic fiction thriller trilogy, the Six Hours series – book #1, ‘In Six Hours … the world changed’ (April 2015) and book #2, ‘In One Hour … Babylon will fall’ (September 2019).

The story is a roller coast ride with peaks of tension and troughs of inquisitive quests for ‘The Truth’ in Bible.

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