In the Beginning…

by – Frank Underwood (Author)

Journey of the Sorcerer Book One

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Book Description:

In the beginning…
Come take a trip with me back in time. Back before live streaming. Back before social media. Back before cell phones. Back before the internet. Back before video games. Back before the dinosaurs ruled the earth…..
Oh… wait a minute…. That’s too far back. Sorry about that.
Do you remember being a kid and playing with your friends face to face? Remember actually playing OUTSIDE…baseball, football, tag? Remember actually being in the sunlight and open air. Remember using your imagination to entertain yourself by fighting space pirates and hunting monsters. If you do, then you are going to enjoy this book. If you do not believe in magic and the thrill of adventure in the wonderful world of imagination then this book is not for you.

Reviews for the Book

The book takes me back to my own childhood. I laughed, I cried and I felt like I was there in the story. Great for young adults and for older adults who are young at heart. - Kindle Customer

About the Author: Frank Underwood

First of all, I am NOT that Guy in the series “HOUSE OF CARDS”. I was born in the shadows of the Great Smokey Mountains in Tennessee. The oldest of 4 siblings, I learned responsibility at an early age. My Father was a career military man in the Airforce. He and both of my uncles served in Viet Nam. As an “Airforce Family” we traveled the world, following my Dad across two continents. I spent most of my formative years in the South and also in Europe. By the time I was ready for high school, I had already attended 11 different schools. Always the new kid on the block I had to learn to adapt to a variety of social settings. My Mom grew tired of constantly up rooting the family and decided to return to East Tennessee and give the four of us kids a stable home. I graduated high school with honors, coming in 12th in a class of over 200 seniors. I had my pick of schools to attend. The Airforce Academy, Maryville College, The University of Tennessee and Tennessee Tech University were all interested in having me attend. Two small scholarships helped me to get started and I took TTU as my school. Unfortunately the scholarships were not renewable and I wound up working my way through school. It was there that I met a group of friends that inspired me to become a writer in my later years. After graduation I went to work and have been working as a Quality Assurance Manager for the last 30 years. I honed my writing skills as a technical writer, creating Quality Manuals, Procedure Manuals and Work Instructions. One of my accomplishments during my tenure is achieving a QS-9000 Certification for a start up company AAA Coatings, Inc. We were certified with only a $9,000.00 investment in the Quality Program. I maintained that Certification through changes to ISO 9001 over the years. In these years I met and married my sweet wife Teresa and we have two grown kids and two not yet fully grown grandkids. My family IS my greatest accomplishment. Writing is my new adventure.