IN THE CARE OF WOLVES: My Brother’s Keeper by S. S. Bazinet

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Book Description

In this fast paced thriller, family ties and loyalty are put to the test, especially for sixteen-year-old Theodore. The WKA, a powerful organization, abducted him as a baby. He grew up bearing the scars of the horrifying experience. When his real family finally locates him, they aren’t what he expected. Finding out that he’s a werewolf, a gifted and extraordinary being, seems impossible. He doesn’t have time to ponder his new identify. The pack is being hunted to extinction. Theodore must flee with his new family before the WKA and other opposing factions deliver a final, lethal blow. However, none of them are prepared for the possibility of the WKA’s most deadly weapon, Theodore himself.
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“A Wonderful Read!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Kimberly Jane Mitchell

This was a fantastic read that had me hooked from the beginning. It took a refreshing approach to the idea of modern-day werewolves and really brought me into the world the characters inhabit. I was drawn to the characters and really cared about them and their struggles. The dynamics between the characters–Theodore and Daniel, Theodore and Prissy, Prissy and basically everyone–added a lot of depth to this book.

I don’t usually read books with werewolves, but this one definitely exceeded any expectations I had. I highly recommend this book.

About the Author

Years ago, when I began to write, I was my own worst critic. I wanted to give up. But I underestimated my inner muse. It kept encouraging me. Finally, on a warm, Sunday afternoon, I gave in to its promptings and decided to just have fun. That decision was the key. The stories flooded out. I guess they were just waiting for me to give myself permission to enjoy the process of writing. And I did. I couldn’t write fast enough. I had to go from paper and pen to the computer. I wrote seven days a week. I also started taking long walks, exercising, dancing and generally revising my life style. Within a little over a year, I’d finished the rough drafts of six books. More importantly, I was happy. Now, I’m still passionate about writing, but I also love to share my stories with my readers.

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