Imagine the United States space program in the late 21st century, plodding along but still nowhere near where anyone from the previous century would have believed. Imagine further a fanatical cult of the followers of Ra, the Egyptian sun-god, who believe man in space defies the wishes of Ra and desecrates his space and who attack the space program at every opportunity. To counter this threat, the Special Operations Section of the United States Space Force enlists the aid of Colonel Roman Castello, a sort of 21st century super-cop, to bring down the “sunlovers.” Thus begins an adventure that leads to a world-wide chase for the elusive cult leader with many twists and turns, through Europe and the Middle East and ending up in an explosive climax on an island off the coast of Africa. In between, Castello finds himself investigating an explosion on a space station, and attempting to thwart an attack on a moonbase, while simultaneously trying to find his girlfriend who has been kidnapped by the “sunlovers.”
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