Indivisible: With Justice for Some by Troy Grice (Author)

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Book Description:

indAmerica’s day of reckoning has come.

Triggered by a Japanese liquidity crisis, a global run on U.S. Treasuries overwhelms the Federal Reserve and collapses the dollar. Mass inflation sparks civil unrest and panic as store shelves are cleaned out, gas prices rise tenfold, and Americans’ life savings are wiped out. Desperate to maintain control, the federal government grows increasingly totalitarian. The president orders the Army home in an attempt to restore law and order, but the army’s battle-hardened attitude and heavy-handed tactics only manage to spur the rebellion on.

The lives of a tormented soldier, a tyrannical sheriff, a vain diplomat and a desperate father converge amidst the chaos of total economic collapse and civil war in contemporary America.

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Indivisible: With Justice for Some by Troy Grice (Author) Share
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