519R4+WE1OL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_How does a man come back from the brink? Billionaire Lincoln Montgomery, a Nobel-Prize-winning doctor, nearly lost himself after the death of his wife and unborn child. Now, years later, he wants nothing more than to find a woman to share his life with, but doesn’t believe true love can come around twice in a lifetime. A single tee shot and a glimpse of perfection changes his life forever by sending him just the woman to help heal his soul.
Secrets that have been buried for fourteen years and a deeply scarred soul have prevented Dr. Nicole Harris from finding true love. A beautiful woman who only sees herself as average, she perceives herself as someone whom nobody would want but seeks to atone for the consequences of her decisions. Then a chance encounter brings Lincoln Montgomery into her world. Fearful that the man she’s fallen in love with will discard her if he ever learns the truth, she vows to keep her secrets buried.
But what happens when the love of two lifetimes is confronted with the dark secrets that could destroy them both? Can Lincoln and Nicole both survive their pasts and forge a future together, or will one final secret destroy their love for good?

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