Replete with intrigue, Inflection Point is the true story of the author and her legal team at Pfizer who found themselves at the epicenter of the decade long, world-wide, multi-billion battle for control over the world’s most prescribed pharmaceutical product, Lipitor®. The author charts the course of the team’s courageous effort to protect the company’s most prized asset, and the unforeseen personal consequences suffered as a result. In New York, London, Paris, Copenhagen, and Ottawa, from the White House to Wall Street, in boardrooms and courtrooms, in the media and behind closed doors, critical disputes are won and lost in a struggle for survival. Inflection Point is a fast-paced, high-stakes legal thriller and memoir. But it is also a cautionary tale posing a question as fundamental as it is critical: Have the efforts to bring affordable medicines to consumers helped to cripple the very industry that invents life-saving drugs in the first place?
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Traci Medford- Rosow’s memoir provides the reader a richly textured and rare glimpse into the legal battle for the intellectual property rights of the drug Lipitor, while employed as Chief Intellectual Property Counsel, for one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in America (Pfizer). At core, Inflection Point is a pyscho-social narrative about the personal and professional challenges, setbacks and triumphs the author experienced during the litigation process, and as captivating, her keen insight into life itself. Medford-Rosow artfully infuses the nodal “points” in time that changed Pfizer’s trajectory and with candor and self-reflection painfully depicts her own “points” of emotional transcendence. At times, with the weight of the world seemingly on her shoulders, the author is battle tested in all aspects of life and has the psychological scars to prove it. Nevertheless, her fearless nature shines brilliantly. Like a light-house at sea she is a “point”—a beacon of hope— and an illustration of tenacious courage for each of us as we encounter the difficulties inherent in work, life, and love. A wonderful read for those interested in legal issues in the corporate sector; a must read for those individuals who appreciate the changing nature of the human condition and the possibility of turning points.

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Traci Medford-Rosow is now an Amazon #1 Best-selling author and winner of the Beverly Hills Book Award for New Non-Fiction.

An incredible memoir that is an inherently fascinating read, “Inflection Point” provides a rare insider’s look at an aspect of the pharmaceutical industry that is seldom revealed to the public. Exceptionally well written, organized and presented, “Inflection Point” deserves as wide a readership as possible as the issues of public health and the role played by ‘big pharmacy’ is under increasing controversy and political scrutiny. Simply stated, “Inflection Point” needs to be a part of every community and academic library collection for the benefit of non-specialist general readers and academia alike.
—Midwest Book Review

Inflection Point is a business story, a pharmaceutical story, a sociological story, and a personal, emotional story. (Traci Medford-Rosow) keeps the story moving at a quick pace with a good writing style that keeps the reader interested…(a) sobering read into a world few know much about.
—San Francisco Book Review

For the entirety of one tumultuous decade of her thirty-year career at Pfizer, Traci Medford-Rosow and her legal team at Pfizer found themselves at the epicenter of the world-wide, multi-billion dollar battle for control over the world’s most prescribed pharmaceutical product, Lipitor. Now in her first book, Inflection Point, the author has charted the course of the team’s courageous effort to protect the company’s most prized asset, and the unforeseen personal consequences suffered as a result.

Traci is currently a partner in the New York City law firm, Richardson & Rosow. At Pfizer, she held the positions of Senior Vice President and Chief Intellectual Property Counsel, Global Head of Intellectual Property Litigation, and General Counsel of Europe. She lives in Manhattan and Mahopac, NY, with her husband, Joel. They have two children, Chad and Kyra.

Traci is the Founder and Director of The College Education Milestone Foundation. The foundation’s mission is to provide scholarship funds to academically successful New York State students who wish to attend college in the CUNY or SUNY system but who cannot afford the cost of tuition. To date, more than 30 students have been recipients of CEM Scholarships. (


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