Inner City by Scott Norton Taylor

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Book Description:

The cities have gated their walls. Those in rural areas have been reduced to savages. When Callen Carrus, a seven year old boy from the city, faces a personal crises and runs away, he’s chased outside the city walls. What happens to him there sets him on a twelve year quest that leads to love and extraordinary adventure. The riddle of Callen’s past will require him risking his life to solve.
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“An entertaining post apocalyptic tale for teen readers”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Iris A. Schlabach

If you can get past all the usage errors in the first half dozen chapters, maybe the occasional word errors in the rest of the chapters can be overlooked as well. Theme: governmental hypocrisy rears its ugly head in even the best of paradises. Of course “they lie”!

About the Author

Scott Norton Taylor is a published playwright and produced television script writer. He has won a writer’s guild award for theatre and been nominated for television.

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