Finding Hope, Courage and Authentic Happiness in Challenging Times.

This “little gem of a book” (Top 100 Amazon reviewer Doug Erlandson) will help you unlock the inner peace that is the very core of our true nature—and that has been calling to us for a long, long time.
Yes, life is unpredictable. Who knows what it will throw at us next? But follow the 4 simple steps Foster outlines and you will not only find yourself better equipped to handle life’s challenges when they come along. You will discover an increasing connection with the peace and authentic happiness that dwell deep in our soul and that nothing in this outer world can hurt or destroy.
We live in perilous times. But the peace spoken about in this book has its roots in the Eternal. It is ageless. It is not going to be stopped. It is not going to be defeated. It is our birthright—and though we may never understand it, we CAN experience it.
Christopher Foster, a British-born author, blogger, and cancer survivor, who is in his 80’s, has had his fair share of adversity. He has also, however, made a startling discovery—like many other people: Despite his tribulations, and perhaps because of them, he is happier now than he has ever been.
We can see our challenges as a burden, a punishment, a cause for complaint. But we can also see misfortunes—an illness, perhaps, or a loss—as a catalyst that can help us change, and grow, and awaken more deeply to the truth of our timeless, indomitable spirit.
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Five Star Review on Amazon By Terry W. Sprouse

Reading this book put me in a very serene mood. It made me reflect on the obstacles which lie ahead in my own life and gave me faith that I would overcome them by trusting my own inner guidance.

Several years ago, I had a close friend who was going through many physical trials in his later years, but he always maintained a positive attitude. I asked him, what should we do when we encounter all these mounting physical problems that come with old age?” He replied, “You just have to tough it out.” In light of Christopher Foster’s book, I now believe that he was relying on his inner guide for the strength to finish the race.

Mr. Foster guides us to seek out and rely on the peace and authentic happiness that dwells deep in our soul. A peace that is uncorrupted by anything that transpires in the outer world.

I like the author’s perspective that although we may never understand exactly how it works, we can always experience it. He utilizes stories from his past to dramatically illustrate his own experiences with Inner Peace.

Highly recommended.

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