Inoubliables Tropiques

Inoubliables Tropiques, the author's new novel, is the penultimate part of her full biography.
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Book Description:

Inoubliables Tropiques, the author’s new novel, is the penultimate part of her full biography. It follows Fabulous Africa, the writing of which triggered in her the irresistible desire to return to live on this continent that she appreciates so much. Now based in Senegal, she pursues her passion for writing in order to bequeath to new generations the memories of a great era that has now passed. Over the pages she brings back to life, to the delight of her readers, exceptional moments and encounters that she had the privilege of knowing in the islands of the Indian Ocean and the Caribbean, in South Africa and in Latin America. We discover that the author applies Oscar Wilde’s famous quote wonderfully: Living is the rarest thing, most people are content to exist.

Isabelle Dorval Stuart (Author)
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