Inspired Migrant Women in Ireland by Carol Azams

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This upcoming book is the profiling of over 50 Inspired Migrant Women from all walks of life and from different cultural backgrounds who share their innermost feelings about life in Ireland, what they miss most about their own countries that they left behind, including their challenges not just as migrants but as women in general and also their take on Irish life and about living in Ireland with regards to achievements, successes and aspirations for a better Ireland. Formatted in  Q & A style, the voices of the women echoes positive aspirations and explores possibilities on embracing Irish society.

The writers range from women running their own Businesses, University Lecturer, Home Makers, Community Leaders, Volunteers, Beauticians, Motivational Speakers, Charity Workers, Event Organisers, School Teachers, Journalists, Broadcasters, Pilot, Air-Hostess, School Teachers, Lawyers, Medical Professionals, etc. It is almost like a directory of migrant women in Ireland.


“The main purpose of this book, aside from profiling who we are as women from different countries and striving to build better living for ourselves and our children in a foreign land, it is also to provide a rather unusual platform to encourage ourselves as ‘migrant women’ to live a more confident and bold lives while making a positive impact in Ireland. Nothing can be more empowering than giving opportunities such as this to a group of women to create something this unique by themselves and for themselves. Moreover, a book like this one is by far the best keepsake anyone can have.”

About the Author

“I am a self-confessed Mumpreneur who decided to join the ever increasing league of women entrepreneurs juggling through life between being a good and caring mum to my 5 children, and running a successful business enterprise. You could say that I’m very ambitious but women entreprenuers are building good and sucessful businesses around the world and i is my ambition to key into that, besides and of course, in life we have to have some form of ambitions because that gives you something to focus on and also a purpose to our being alive, and they’re parts and parcel of the ingredients required to make  a successful entrepreneur. Positive ambitions helps to drive our dreams and hopes for the future. I have brought all that into overseeing the running of my newly established PR & publishing outfit, and I’m looking forward to share my enthusism with all my clients.

As a a qualified (PGdip PR/Event Man.) Public  Relations practitioner and owner of Diversity TV/Radio online Media, with possible contacts in other local & national media, I consider myself as possesing the right tools to tell the right people about your company’s products and services or ideas, and your motivations, in the right way through writing and disseminating media release to targeted media, or speaking directly to the consumer via social networking platforms.

So, if you are looking for affordable PR service to promote your book, business, product or personal branding, you’ve come to the right place.  Also maybe you have a book in the making, perhaps a finished manuscript, or are thinking about writing one and need comprehensive service of a publisher, editor, designer (interior & cover), proof-reader or layout for your book project, or you know you have a story but haven’t the time to sit down and write, and in need of someone who can ghost-write for you and who genuinely care about your work, then just be glad that you’ve found us, because we have a team of writers who would yarn your story and finetune it into a readable masterpiece.

I personally look forward to working with you or your organisation every step up to the point of having your books in your hands and holding a successful launch of your new book.  I have the skills & expertise to make your  dreams of becoming a published author a reality so don’t hesitate to get in contact  today!”

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