41IYy4g-zaL._SX326_BO1,204,203,200_Insurmountable is the story of one girl’s daily struggle against favoritism at home, bullying at school and the cruel challenges of this life. Only her strong faith in a loving God, and a commitment to her own core values, helped her to withstand the influence of drugs, alcohol and promiscuity. She stood alone, as one by one her friends and family surrendered and subsequently fell prey to the consequences. Find yourself caught up in Mariah’s life as she perseveres to overcome the pressures and pain of her adolescence, but smile with contentment as you close the book on a successful young woman. Anna Colar shows us through her emotionally charged and passionate storytelling what joy comes from overcoming life’s obstacles. Insurmountable gives hope to those who find themselves in Mariah’s situation. Good does overcome the evils of this life.

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About the Author

Anna Colar, a native of Jeanerette, Louisiana, lives a wholesome life. She teaches theatre, vocals and character building in her local area. She studied Performing Arts and is a Film major. Anna is an aspiring film maker and Insurmountable is her first novel. She has a son named Isaiah whom she loves and is proud to be his mom.

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