An Out-of-the Box Perspective of Organizational Systems.Everything in an organization operates within an interconnected ecosystem. This connectivity supports communication, productivity and other types of flow that have a personality and tempo of their own. In dynamic workplaces, interconnectivity and flow are enhanced by the process of balancing multiple tensions which is an important pre-requisite organizational adaptability and sustainability in an unpredictable, complex environment. Interconnectivity, Flow and Balance is a road map to both self-transformation and cultural change. It introduces ideas that translate into practical models which can be applied to simple and complex workplace challenges. You can use these models to:•Enhance your climate by improving trust and engagement levels •Achieve healthy flow when communicating, producing output or even planning succession•Explore the potential for structural changes within your organization which can help to sustain balance•Maintain a state of balance that supports organizational sustainabilityYvette Bethel is the author of E.Q. Librium: Unleash the Power of Your Emotional Intelligence and the USA Best Book award winning activity book, Getting to E.Q. Librium. She is an HR and cultural change consultant with wide-ranging experience with government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and non-profit organizations.

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