One has regrets, lost love, and is full of secrets.
The other is looking for a lead, a new life, and a way out.
The two will come together to halt a decades old war. While the past reconvenes within the present a story will unfold that might just halt a government in its tracks.
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“Great writing with fun, laughter, and sadness to be had in this must read magical thriller.”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Wandering Adventurer

This is a grand story of suspense, drama and magic. Every page is gorgeously written and the plot and characters grow fast and furious and will stick in the reader’s mind for a long time afterward. This up and coming author has already knocked it out the park with this marvelous first volume of A Tale of Two Lives, and we can only sit on the edge of our seats waiting for more to come from Skylar, Connor and all the rest.

About the Author

My name is Breanna Johnson. I’ve been writing nearly my entire life. While in college I started with being an English major, but soon changed in favor of history. I thought I would have to read less with this change. I soon found out I was very wrong. While finishing my undergraduate degree, I fell in love with the history of my home town and the Metro Memphis area. While in a very boring history class called “History of the Economics of the US”, a story came to my mind. This story turned into the first chapter of Intertwined. Once I began writing I couldn’t stop, and before long this book was saved into a Word document on my computer. I love getting to tweak history throughout this book, but I am trying to stay as close to the actual history as I can. Hopefully, you will find Intertwined and the next books in the series to be entertaining and maybe even a bit educational.
I hope you enjoy the read!

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