Into Dark Corridors

by – Constance Hood (Author)

A Tale of Hands, Heart, and Home

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Book Description:

INTO DARK CORRIDORS: A Tale of Hands, Heart, and Home

Sometimes life presents something so large, so outrageous, that it ends up changing everything. What in the world drove a single mother to bulldoze a canyon, cut a house in half, and tow it to a new location? Catastrophes and miracles shaped the future of an old house and a renewed family.Into Dark Corridors: A Tale of Hands, Heart, and Home is the story of a dream realized, and the struggles to make it real.

Reviews for the Book

The story is very well told. I have read all of Constance Hood’s books. Each is better than the previous. I was not sure a story about a house could hold my attention but this story is excellent. I laughed, cried, smile, cheered. Such a great book I purchased extra copies for gifts.
- Carol H.
The story is one that is popular today – an old house reborn to its former glory. But this story happened before that was fashionable. This story changed the lives of each person who came in contact with the house. This story is filled with humanness and tenderness most of us hide.
By the time I finished this book, I was emotionally spent. Writing this book must have been a cathartic experience. The author courageously tells the story of facing tremendous challenges while learning about herself, true commitment, and finishing well. The flawed characters, all the more so enduring for the honesty, wit, and raw candor shared, become close friends to the reader. I found myself sharing the triumphs and frustrations with each new encounter faced as I was drawn into the deeper story of truth, human triumph over adversity, deep love, and hope.
Reading this book will change the way you think about approaching challenges. You will be inspired to attempt the impossible.
- B. Georgi

About the Author: Constance Hood

Welcome to my world, a place where memories and imagination dance.

Constance Hood retired from teaching with five filing cabinets of family memoirs – tales of war, love, and adventures. Old diaries and love letters offered insights into secrets. Documents, commendations, and press articles told the more public stories of her eccentric family.

Her first book, OFF THE TRACKS: A BEATNIK FAMILY JOURNEY (2014)was constructed from a 1961 girl’s diary and a mother’s memoirs. Set in the Cold War and Berlin Crisis, mother and a boyfriend led two children on a jaunt through European railroads for ten months, no tickets. Mom’s lover taught the children how to forge Eurailpasses, harvest coins from train station lockers, and tell half-truths in multiple languages. Hilarious escapades covered much darker secrets and the unraveling of a woman’s expectations for home and family.

Years later the author’s estranged father wrote out 21 pages of narrative summarizing his activities as a military intelligence operative in World War II. After leaving his family behind in Holland, he began life again as a would-be American while his Jewish family and friends faced annihilation. He joined the military in an effort to go back and fight for Europe, but instead landed thrown in Pacific jungles with no weapons except a camera and an excellent nose for information.  ISLANDS OF DECEPTION: LYING WITH THE ENEMY (2018) is a historical novel based on the Counter Intelligence Corps notes, verified in Army records. Spies don’t tell their whole story. Many scenes lay in the shadows. The novel remained a best-seller on Amazon for six months.

INTO DARK CORRIDORS: A TALE OF HANDS, HEART, AND HOME (2021)takes place during the 1980s when career, marriage, motherhood and music consumed busy weeks. With a busy career, a small child, and no cash, she decided to save a masterpiece in her neighborhood. Saving the abandoned house involved bulldozing a Los Angeles hillside, and moving the massive structure in pieces. A year after the house was moved, true love showed up at the front door and the Hoods spent 25 years restoring the 1909 home. A story of risk and commitment, catastrophes and small miracles weaves itself into a tale of resilience.

Artistic expression has been a constant throughout the author’s life. Sometimes we can only explain our experiences in worlds that are bigger than our words. During her years as an educator she was a regular contributor to periodicals and textbooks in visual and performing arts.

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