Into My Life Unexpected, Learning to Live Again and Transitioning by SL Kaufman

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Book Description

Into My Life Unexpected…Learning to Love Again and Transitioning, the first two books in the author’s Into My Life Unexpected series, is the story in narrative and verse of one man’s journey of rediscovery. Beginning at age 62, after years of failed relationships and unhappiness in his personal and professional life, the author relocated to a place he calls “Paradise”. It was in this place, free to find the heart and emotion so long repressed that his life began anew. The beginning of this journey, which is one which continues today, found the author in a bitter sweet romance…bound to fail, but necessary for him to learn how to love again. Following its end, he had to come to grips with its aftermath. The pain, the anger, the growth, the acknowledgment and finally the healing were the necessary steps required for his triumphant transitioning.
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About the Author

Sl Kaufman is a graduate of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and NYU school of law. After 3 years teaching 6th graders in the NYC school system he spent the next almost 40 years in the legal, commercial and financial communities in and around New York City.

Moving permanently to Naples, Fl in 2008 after a failed marriage, he was reopened and ready to restart his life. In his early sixties and now living in what he called “Paradise”, his love for the written word was rekindled.

A poet and songwriter in his younger years, Mr. Kaufman began to journal his experiences there. Combining poetry and prose he told the story of his reawakening and rediscovery of feelings and emotions long thought gone.

Those words became the basis of his “Into my Life Unexpected” book series which with the publication of “Finding Love” now comprises three complete volumes. He continues to write and Book 4 “Testing Love” should be available in the Spring of 2016.

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