71eKvRbuFFL._SL1500_Irish Paranormal locations are full of activity. Read the real stories and actual events as experienced by a paranormal investigator. Learn the truth behind the hype and prepare to be scared.
Do you believe in Ghosts? Do you doubt that the Spirit world exists? Are you looking for proof?
This book tells it like it is. Read it with an open mind but remember, we are all looking for proof and until we find it, stories like these are simply stories.
I have been honest in my accounts of my own experiences but as the name suggests; they are personal experiences. However, I will keep investigating until I find at least some answers to my many questions.
This paranormal non fiction book is a true account of my investigations as a paranormal investigator in Ireland.

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About the Author

Kim O’Shea is a Paranormal Investigator with a passion for writing. She researches and writes on a wide variety of subjects but prefers to write about things she knows well or has experienced.
She enjoys getting together with Shadow Hunters, her paranormal team and investigating locations but also enjoys reviewing the evidence and reporting it.
She has gained a lot of practical experience with marketing through Social Media and is often consulted by businesses to advise on their social media campaigns.

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