Is He My Son

And what happened to their “real” son who Lucy delivered at a Canadian hospital?
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Human trafficking is a very serious and heartbreaking subject that is being tackled in the plot. The writing is very realistic and engages the reader’s attention. The book covers differences in cultures, ethnics, morals and personal motivations of different characters. I was deeply touched by humanistic characterizations of everyone in the story. Overall, I enjoy the book a great deal and read it through without stop!

-- Ko-Jen W.
Book Description:

A traffic accident exposes a baby abduction from twenty years ago in China.

Because of the accident, Lucy and Wei find out that their beloved twenty-year-old son, An’an, is not their biological child.

But who is An’an and where are his biological parents? How did he become a family member?

And what happened to their “real” son who Lucy delivered at a Canadian hospital?

Lucy goes back to China, to the hometown of the nanny who had taken care of her son, only to find out the nanny died years ago.

Now there are thousands of questions Lucy needs answers too, but by far the hardest one is whether the close and loving family Lucy and Wei worked so hard to build can ever feel like a “real” family again.

“If you liked the movie Parasite give this book a try,” said a reviewer on NetGalley.

Lin Chang (Author)
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