In times of grief, fear or despair, haven’t most of us asked: “is there really an afterlife?” When my mother became seriously ill in 1987, I sat on my back doorstep night after night and asked the universe that question. I doubted anyone was listening, yet strangely, my life began to change. Books and people mysteriously found their way to me. Sometimes, events occurred that I later recognized as paranormal, even though I initially dismissed them as such. Over the next 24 years, as I continued to search for evidence, my skeptical mind was regularly challenged. Slowly – and only when I was ready – the answers came.!
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A must read for any one looking for NDE science, storys or to just get a push to start change in their lives.”

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A professor once told me that if I wanted to be an expert in anything I would have to study and research one subject for 5+ years. Sandy Coghlan can now stand tall in a group of impressive experts on the subject of Near- Death Science having giving 500%. But Heaven Knows is not a dull text book! YEAH! What she has done is to give us an intimate look inside of her struggles through life, the fear of death and the loss of loved ones while weaving the NDE stories and the scientific facts into her narrative. As a reader I could watch the woman mature as she researched NDEs while major changes then redirected her life. She has written not just a scholarly book that any one in search of NDE studies and stories would eat up but she has done it wonderfully sharing her thought process, her heart and—yes—her soul! As you read you can taste the love that went into writing this book. Excellent work and a must read. I’m a 1969 NDEer and I found it very informative while being fascinatingly honest and personal. Thank you Sandy.

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Sandy worked in advertising in Australia and London prior to becoming an on-air television director in Melbourne in 1979. She is qualified in a number of alternative therapies and in 1991 she wrote and conducted a nutrition correspondence course for pharmacy assistants around Australia. Her first book, “Travel Guide to Tasmania” (Penguin) was published in 1984, while her articles on health and metaphysical subjects have been published nationally. Sandy also wrote 2 chapters for the best-selling metaphysical book “With A Little Help From My Friends” by Dawn Hill, is featured in the relationship “bible” “I’ll Have What She’s Having” by Valerie Parv, and contributed to Great Australian Mysteries 2 by John Pinkney and Working with Mean Girls by Meredith Fuller. Sandy has been teaching creative writing and healing techniques since 1990.

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