It Happened in Silence

This is a powerful tale of family, a celebration of decency, and the heartbreak of society’s injustices then that rings true today.
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Ah ... what can I say about this book that can do it justice? How about the way it made me go back and reread passages that were so beautiful they gave me chills? Or other passages that made me weep from the injustices and pain that went on during the early nineteen twenties? It is not easy to write characters who come from uncomplicated lives, but whose way of looking at their experiences is profound and poetic. Jay skillfully weaves a tapestry made of simple colors, and basic threads that when finished tells an unforgettable tale of hardship, betrayal, physical and mental abuse, contrasted with family unity, basic goodness and immovable faith. The prose is earthy and beautiful ... a walk in the forest. The plot drives you relentlessly forward. And you will remember the characters long after you put this book on your nightstand. I have never read the same book twice (there are way too many good books to explore) But It Happened in Silence will be an exception.

-- Linda Orvis
Book Description:

Set in a world where women of the KKK betray their neighbors, where horrors of unscrupulous foundling homes come to light, and buried mysteries are not all that hidden. It’s Georgia 1921. Mute since birth, fifteen-year-old Willow Stewart has one task to complete—to leave her Appalachian homestead and find a traveling preacher and her brother, Briar. When a peddler kidnaps her, she escapes only to face an unjust arrest and penal servitude. The laws are not on her side. Or her brother’s.
Briar is serving time on a chain gang with four months left. When an immigrant boy asks him for help, Briar must decide if he should jeopardize his freedom to help the penniless boy.
Soon Willow and Briar become ensnared in a world of cruel secrets, savage truths, deceitful practices, and desperate predicaments. This is a powerful tale of family, a celebration of decency, and the heartbreak of society’s injustices then that rings true today.
This novel delves into the gut and sinew of fairness, probing often inexplicable questions, as old and persistent as the forest itself.

Karla M. Jay (Author)
Karla M. Jay is the award-winning author of When We Were Brave. When she’s not writing, she’s reading, gardening, playing with her dog, or traveling to new places to try to find a story that has never been told.
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