There are books and there are books about how to succeed. Written by the rich and the famous. Theories and best practices. Developed by the gurus of their own industries. I have a long way ahead of me reading even a fraction of everything my friends and business partners have read years ago. Instead of referring to the books, theories and best practices that already are familiar to me, I am writing about my own personal experience about failures and how they have affected my life. I have tried to commit suicide twice. Once with pills and alcohol, the other time jumping off a bridge. It may not come as a surprise to you that I sucked trying, since I am now writing this book. I took the right pills I guess, and there was a stranger to grab the back of my jacket when I was standing on the pole about to jump into the dark water below. There will not be a third time. Life is worth living. The stories in this book are all true. Although the stories come in random order, they have common denominators. Some issues have taken me a lifetime to even have the courage to tell other people. Some have taken less. I have been able to leave some issues behind, some are still under construction and some will be for an undefined time. The aim is not to ask anybody to feel sorry for me; instead, I wish this book to give courage, self-confidence and hope for those who might have struggled with similar things as me. I must say I have deserved everything in my life. Both the good and the bad, because of my behavior or some bigger reason I may never necessarily understand. Some things I accept, some things I understand. Then there are things that I both accept and understand. One of the important lessons life has taught me is the fact I don’t have to control all the things I am involved with. Sometimes it is good to be the subordinate, sometimes you can just go with the flow. It is said that; you only die once but live every day. So be it. Live. Love. Help a friend in need. If I have learned to give up feeling bad, guilty and miserable, and to love my life, so can you. If you receive anything good, pay it forward. It will come back to you.
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Juke Niemela, born in 1972 in Oulu, Finland is an entrepreneur and owner of Rebellify Marketing, Consulting & Training. By the grace of God, paying customers and loving mentors who once thought he has potential, a lifetime loser has learned to turn his failures into personal growth. This book has fifteen random stories in five categories; sports, hobbies, relationships, work and parenting. ‘Your snout gets tougher as you dig frozen ground.’ Juke has learned most of his lessons the hard way; now he shares some of those lessons in his book.

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