The story of a lifetime of battling homosexuality, self-hatred, religious obsession, suicidal desperation, guilt, shame, loss, and finally into a world of unconditional love and acceptance. A spiritual journey that breaks through tradition and dogma to discover the depth of what it means to live loved. Brutally honest, candid, funny, tragic… A complete unraveling of religious beliefs, cultural norms and taboos.
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“A must-read!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By jmriedeman

This is a fantastic book! If you have or had Christian beliefs, while also coming to terms with being gay, this is the book to read. Jim Marjoram talks about his life as a Christian with fundamentalist beliefs as well as eventually coming to terms with his sexuality. He discusses his growth as a Christian and being married twice as part of his journey, as well as leaving those beliefs behind. His is a path many of us follow as we come to terms to being gay and dealing with strong religious convictions. It’s easy to read and keeps your interest. I found the book to be refreshingly honest.

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Author, LGBT advocate, founder of , ex-ex-gay and lover of life

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