I’ve Never Loved Him More is a chronological journey into the unknown and sometimes scary, dark world of Alzheimer’s disease. This book is anything but dark and scary. It is delightful, funny, and heartwarming. This is one wife’s story of what it means to live out her vows, “in sickness and in health,” as her husband’s caregiver in his struggle with Alzheimer’s disease. This story takes the reader through discovery, acceptance, adjustment, and battle against the ravages of what is often seen as a soul-crushing disease. Armed with faith, humor, and a history of spiritual victories, Candy demonstrates how she is loving her way through the mind-maze that would steal her husband of four decades. Like the true story-teller she is, Candy spins out the funny scenes, bringing on belly laughter, sometimes even in the midst of tears. It’s never forced. It’s never inappropriate. It’s just true wit, born of a cheerful spirit that cannot be daunted by even this long, trying ordeal. In her use of Scripture, Candy doesn’t ask the reader to simply read the passages and have faith. She is concrete in her explanation of just how those verses work in a life that’s being put through the refining fire, which is both humbling and uplifting. Writing truth from a place of authenticity, she speaks in simplistic terms to the person who is writhing, giving the benefit of her hard-won wisdom and experience without ever being condescending. She owns her mistakes as well as her triumphs. I’ve Never Loved Him More will be a companion to the caregiver in the often overwhelming moments. The woman who is sobbing because her husband is disappearing before her eyes will be grateful for Candy’s example of strength in the midst of adversity, and her whole family will benefit. This book is not only essential reading for those living through the challenges posed by dementia and Alzheimer’s; it is recommended for those who plan to marry as this book exemplifies what it means to live out vows taken at the altar. Masterfully and sincerely written, this work of the heart will leave an indelible mark on each reader.
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“A Glimpse into the Painful with Humor that Encourages and Inspires”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Carolyn Ruch

I decided to read this book before I pass it along to my friend whose husband is declining from Alzheimer’s disease. I’m nearly finished. I’ve not walked this road. My most challenging journey has been dealing with foster children with early childhood trauma. I must say I found Candy Abbott’s vulnerability helpful and inspiring, and her humor refreshing. Such a good read for anyone whose home is no longer a place to refresh, but filled with daily challenges to be patient, kind, and loving above and beyond the typical. This book also gives the gift of insight to anyone who is a friend to or is in a supportive role to a caregiver of one with Alzheimer’s. Well written. Honest. Inspiring. Insightful.

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Candy Abbott, an early Baby-Boomer, has stayed with traditional American values. A Christian author, speaker, and publisher, Candy’s life motto is based on Gal. 5:22-23, the Fruit of the Spirit; she is known as a “Fruitbearer” because of her first book and the name of her publishing company. Candy and her husband Drew have been married since 1975 and have three children and four grandchildren. She is founder and director of Delmarva Christian Writers’ Fellowship, a charter member of Southern Delaware Toastmasters, and elder and deacon in the Georgetown Presbyterian Church. She enjoys mentoring beginning writers and speakers and helping budding authors get their work in print. She relaxes by reading and playing with Buttercup, the Cocker Spaniel who monitors every move she makes in their home in Georgetown, Delaware.

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