Izzy the Bernese Mountain Dog

by – Anthony Barbera (Author)

A Picture Storybook for Children & Adults (Adventures of Izzy)

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Book Description:

From Book 1: For kids and adults alike. Izzy the Bernese Mountain Dog and her cow friends Selma, Milly, Gertrude, and Louise (along with the rest of the farm animals) are in for a surprising adventure. Will bossy Digger, the Australian cattle dog, get along with Izzy? Plus, winter is approaching. It’s a perilous cattle drive from Mission Creek Dairy to their new home near the Bitterroot Mountains of Montana. With wolves, mountain lions, tricky coyotes, and bears along the way, will Izzy lead them through to safety and their new home? Filled with illustrations, the adventures of Izzy is an exciting book for dog lovers of all ages!

Reviews for the Book

Izzy The Bernese Mountain Dog is a wonderful read. It has just the right amount of scary, laughter, and love. I was delighted in how the story is told by Selma. She is one of the dairy cows, and seeing everything from her point of view made the story all the more fun to read. Each character, whether human or animal, had his or her own unique personality, and you get to know each of them. The author captured the unique qualities of each different animal so well that I was convinced, from raven to bear to coyote and wolf, that each would act and even talk exactly the way the author portrayed them!
As Izzy and her friends (cows, horses, humans, and Digger, the Australian cattle dog) start their journey, I felt like I was right there with them all the way, experiencing every wild crazy thing that happens to them on their adventure. This book was really fun to read.
Izzy The Bernese Mountain Dog is the perfect story for young and old alike, and I’m looking forward to many more wonderful adventures with Izzy and all her friends! - Carolyn Molica