Jane Pace and the tapetia mortis by E.V. Comfort

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An Extraordinary Girl at the End of Worlds Jane, a seventeen year old genetically engineered Macro-Telekinetic, lives at a School for Supernormals (Telepaths, Telekinetics, Empaths) on her home system of Pace-Pallon. There she and her classmates—the stunningly beautiful Atalanta (a persuasive Manipulative Empath), the arrogant Wilby (a brilliant Micro-Telekinetic), lethal but loyal Felix (the powerful Macro-TK instructor), the experienced Stuart (a clever and crafty Telepath) and many others—have been trained from birth by the Pacey Government to do its dirty work. But everything changes one morning when dangerous Objects—Objects full of gestating tapetia mortis creatures capable of consuming millions of humans—slam into and infest all four Pace-Pallon planets. Soon abandoned by the Government that owns them, the Supernormals and their leader, General Samuel Armstrong, realize they will have to fight and, if necessary, flee to survive. The tapetia mortis may mean the end of Pace-Pallon, but for Jane and her fellow Supernormals the story is only just beginning…
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Five Star Review on Amazon By Cyril Patrick Feerick

Set in the distant future “Jane Pace and the Tapetia Mortis” by author E.V. Comfort is si-fi, coming of age story set around Jane from the School for Supernormals! The book is fast paced and her descriptive ability creates a compelling and amazing world which is thoroughly enthralling. I didn’t want to stop reading this one until I didn’t have a choice – the book ended and now I want more!. If you, like me, love the sci-fi genre, this book is an absolute must! And, I think this would make an amazing movie some day!

About the Author

Author of Jane Pace Sci-Fi series living in Southern California.

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