Jane Street by Kate Kasch

In an attempt to put her tormented past behind her, Verity Townsend moves from Upstate New York to Manhattan with the hope of a fresh start as the Director of Development for a children’s charity, the Children’s Family Fund (CFF). As Verity’s dream to build a home for the orphans of CFF on historic Jane Street is about to be realized, the body of a young interior designer, Chloe Kingston, is found on site. Everyone involved with CFF is a suspect, including Verity, and two CFF board members, David Cohen, and the charming Ryker Rensselaer. Jane Street – the location where Alexander Hamilton, the famed American statesman and one of the Founding Fathers of our country, took his last breath after being killed back in 1804, has a tragic past. But what do Hamilton, Jane Street and Chloe’s death all have in common? Verity’s practical, no-nonsense personality has trouble accepting her gift as a medium, but in order to help Chloe, she must embrace this gift. Through a series of terrifying nightmares that haunt Verity’s sleep, Chloe gives clues to identify her murderer. Can Verity decipher the clues and find the killer, or will history repeat itself?
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“Perfect Beach Read!!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Janet Beith

I absolutely LOVED this book!! A truly thrilling murder mystery, Jane Street is the perfect combination of pure suspense and haunting revelations with a little fashion, impressive architecture, and New York City life intertwined. The historical references to events surrounding Alexander Hamilton give it such a realistic (and eerie!) feel that helped bring the characters to life. I cannot wait for Kate Kasch’s next book! I highly recommend this to anyone who loves a great mystery!

About the Author

Kate Kasch is a displaced New Englander living in northern New Jersey with her (amazing) husband, and four non-stop children. In order to stay sane, she writes and runs.

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