JANUARY by Claudia Vincetti

On the pin-up calendar, Rayan is JANUARY.

Within moments of him throwing his delicious heat against Fia’s and pinning her down, he takes her body and never gives it back.

‘A mainstream boyfriend Rayan Soloman is not, in fact, he could turn out to be a fast-lane knife to my heart …
In one instance, he brings laughter and joy to my life and god knows I need it.
Then in a heartbeat, he leaves me weeping and anguished.
The worst is he fascinates me, and in the agony of my confusion, this is a game I may pay to play with my life.’

If January was yours would you want to know his past or would you love him for who is now—how he makes you feel?

Claudia Vincetti: Author’s note, please be aware: JANUARY is not just a burning, sensual, five chilies, hot story—it is the whole chili bush. As an Erotic Romance with a little humor thrown in, it is still very much an Adult Read.
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“Romantic comedy”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Romaine Heart

When Rayan is caught in a precarious situation with his friend and colleague’s daughter in bed, things get a little out of hand.
After Fia and Rayan have several bouts of steamy sex, he is assigned to go overseas on a dangerous mission for a week. His copter was shot shot down. He and his partner are missing.
Distraught Fia decides to sneak overseas to save him.
This is a hilarious story of a sexy, muscled security contactor and a sassy mouth firey redhead building a relationship. I loved this book!! I would definitely recommend this book!! Can’t wait for next installment.

About the Author

Hi there, my name is Claudia.

I am a wife, a mother and an imaginist. I love to travel and have lived the world over. Because of this, the characters in my books live out their pain; their crimes; their fantasies; and their sensual eccentricities in the many corners of our planet.

“Rayan Soloman, you wreck the trivial ordinariness that plagues my waking hours; that is a good thing. Then at night you march into my dreams and give me your all … and that’s compelling proof heaven exists, that’s the best. But why do you diminish my joy by rising in the morning and leaving me, just to risk your precious life by playing shadowy espionage in wretched grubby war zones? That stinks.”

The first book in my pin-up series ‘THE MEN OF HARD’ is called JANUARY Rayan and his woman—FIRE, Fia Evans.

I hope you enjoy their story.

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