41zmz8JRW8L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Stephen Cranton’s mid-life crisis is coming on a decade too early. On a business trip to Indonesia, he evaluates his heartless life after getting challenged by an obnoxious adventure guide on his flight. Soon after landing, Stephen tries to spice up his stale life with a brazen act of spontaneity. Bad move. His impulsiveness sets off a chain of events that leaves in its wake new friends and enemies, along with his wife who is longing for love and desperate enough to fly to Java for a last-ditch marriage intervention. Stephen finds he is desperate enough already, living inside a nightmare that he can’t seem to escape. But will the ordeal be enough to wake up his sleeping heart?

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“Incredible story!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Betsy Harrison

This book is incredible! I could not put it down as I was so anxious to see what was going to happen! Although it is a novel, it is very realistic! Lots to be learned from the characters in the book! I highly recommend this book! Can’t wait until Mike writes another book!

About the Author

Mike O’Quin Jr. lived in Indonesia for nearly 14 years with his family, where he served as a missionary and social entrepreneur. He is now on staff with Hope in the City, a local church in Austin, Texas, and before that he was the U.S. Director for Mustard Seed International.

Mike studied journalism and psychology at Baylor University and completed a master’s degree in organizational psychology at William James College. He is passionate about helping people and teams reach their fullest potential and seeing God’s glory revealed in the least likely places.

He is happily married to his high school sweetheart Stephanie and they have four children ranging from elementary to college-aged. He enjoys creative writing and just published a novel set in Indonesia, “Java Wake,” and is working on a non-fiction book on the theme of “hopeful desperation.” He also enjoys hanging out with his friends and family, eating Tex-Mex food, playing the board games Risk and Settlers of Catan, and telling corny jokes.

You can find Mike on Twitter, @mikeoquin, and follow him along by reading his blog and listening to his podcasts at FaithActivators.com.

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