Jelly Cooper is a fourteen year-old girl with an intergalactic size chip on her shoulder.  She’s street savvy, feisty and smart.  She’s also an alien in the biggest fight of her life.

Just after her fourteenth birthday, Jelly begins to have nightmares and visions.  She’s running for her life along the barren planes of an unfamiliar landscape.  Something is coming for her; an evil, black presence that has only one goal: to hunt her down and kill her.

With each visit, the malevolence of the dream swells and Jelly finds the walls between the day-to-day reality of her life and the horrors of her nightmare bleeding together.  Enlisting the help of her two friends, Jelly soon discovers that she’s an alien.  She’s not over the moon about it, but what can you do?

This earth-shattering revelation is not without its advantages.  Jelly has powers; she can levitate objects, read minds and more.  She begins training, aware that her powers have lain dormant, which is a shame as they’re all that’s standing between her and certain death.

Unfortunately, things keep getting in her way, like the sudden interest of the school heartthrob and her ongoing war with her the most popular girl in school.

Jelly soon realises that teenage angst is the least of her worries.  Jelly has a hunter on her tail and he has one motivation; to find her and destroy her and anybody who gets in the way.

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Teenager, prickly, choosy about friends, alien. Can’t have it all, huh?

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