5159W2lSkKL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_If you are not a church-goer and the traditional, devotional stories do not make sense to you but you are looking for an authentic spiritual experience or plan to travel to Jerusalem  – this book is for you. Based on a true story, Jerusalem Diary: Searching for the Tomb and House of Jesus is an adventurous journey of self-discovery in the Holy Land. After going through a professional and personal crises, Joanna joins two Australian men who claim to discover new sites that could be Jesus’ home in Nazareth and his tomb in Jerusalem. As they visit different pilgrimage sites associated with Jesus, Joanna begins to challenge conventional ideas about the life of Jesus. Relying on  the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, the Gospel of Thomas and parts of the Urantia Book, she creates an alternative picture of Yeshua (Jesus).  She begins to see him as a young, rebellious and inspiring teacher who can offer inner healing and peace to a modern person. Recent Reviews: “This engaging book has everything the passionate-thinking person desires: intensity, intrigue, controversy. Thoroughly enjoyable and thought-provoking. A book for all seekers”. -Mark Manolopoulos, adjunct research associate, Monash University Centre for Studies in Religion and Theology, and author of If Creation Is a Gift. ”

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“A really good read”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Seeker

I purchased the book at the suggestion of a close friend who stated she enjoyed it immensely. On downloading it I had intended to read a few pages now and then when time allowed. However, once I started reading this fascinating journey it was almost impossible to put down. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a truthful, real life adventure. Jerusalem Diary Searching for the tomb of Jesus will be with me for a long time. Thank you Dr Kujawa for a great read.

About the Author

Joanna is an author, traveller, and scholar. Fascinated by the Gospel of Mary Magdalene and the Gospel of Philip, she left for Jerusalem with two Australian men who had made important archaeological discoveries there. ‘Jerusalem Diary: Searching for the Tomb and House of Jesus’, is a spiritual travel adventure based on their trip. It was a finalist in the Hay House Non-fiction Contest in 2012.
Recently, she completed the final draft of her next book, ‘The House of the Beloved’, in which she explores the themes of sexual desire, romantic love and Tantra. She also gives talks on Mary Magdalene, Gnostic Jung and spirituality and sexuality. Her short stories and essays can be found in Best Australian Stories, The Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Griffith Review, Journeys and Destinations, Etchings, Space and more. She has postgraduate degrees in Medieval Studies (University of Toronto) and PhD from Monash University (Melbourne). Currently, she lives by a beach in Australia, with her partner Shamir and their dog Humphrey. For more information, please check www.joannakujawa.com

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